Physical Therapy

Child on TreadmillOur physical therapists work with your child to assist them in achieving their personal best. We use hands-on treatment activities and skills to facilitate the desired goal/outcome. Our philosophy is to have parents fully involved with their children’s therapy. Each child will have an ongoing home program and instruction.

Physical Therapy is a heath care profession concerned with the prevention and management of movement disorders from conditions or diseases. Physical Therapists are trained in anatomy, neuroanatomy, physiology, and kinesiology.  Pediatric physical therapists study childhood development of gross motor movement. With children, treatment is centered around developmental and age appropriate play activities to include gross motor movement training, enhancing motor control and planning, therapeutic exercises, balance facilitation, training with mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, or braces and consultation with parents and teachers.  We have advanced training to provide custom foot orthotics.

Children may need physical therapy for any number of reasons:

Is your child falling or tripping?
Walking on tip toes all the time?
Appear “floppy” or have low muscle tone/ appear stiff?
Abnormal shaped head past 6 weeks of age?
Trouble sitting up straight?
Tires easily?
Complains of pain in joints or muscles?
Behind with developmental milestones?
Have a consistent head tilt?

Your child may benefit from outpatient therapy in conjuction with school therapy. Therapy offered in a school district focuses on academic delays or the interference with the child’s ability to receive their education. Outpatient therapy offers a more medically based, well rounded approach to improving function in home and community that may not be addressed in school therapy.